This article comprises of Iron Man's relationships with other characters. Rich and intelligent, Iron Man made friends and enemies alike.

Allies Edit

Thor Edit

Thor and Iron Man met shortly before the formation of the Avengers. Iron Man views Thor as powerful while Thor views him as intelligent. Thor responded to Iron Man's Avengers Protocol after the seeming death of Captain America. Thor chose to rejoin Iron Man's team after he revealed to him and the other past Avengers that he could not fight the Red Skull alone.[1] After Tony made his intentions to disband the team again clear, Thor expressed distaste in his decision and soon made the assumption that all mortals did things similar to what he was doing.[2]

Captain America Edit

As members of the Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man grew to know each other. Iron Man viewed Captain America with respect while Captain America did as well, also being aware of his hard time he had with thanking someone while Iron Man in turn became aware that he knew of this trait.

Iron Man tried to aid Captain America in a fight against Red Skull. Though he instead watched as his teammate was blasted and seemingly vaporized, causing him to send out the Avengers Protocol. Captain America's seeming death would cause Iron Man to reassemble the Avengers and thus, push him back into the role of being a leader. Tony went out of his way to save his ally and even entrusts him with secrets of his, telling Red Skull in his body that he thought leading was hard.[3] Following Tony being stripped of his armor by M.O.D.O.K. and it being given to Red Skull, Captain America held Tony as the other Avengers tried to get him to safety. He was satisfied to see his ally was still alive and rejoined the team.[4]

Hulk Edit

Iron Man met Hulk during the formation of the Avengers. He viewed Hulk as immensely powerful, something that the other Avengers thought he was as well. Iron Man sent him the Avengers Protocol with some other former members of the group and soon revealed to him that Captain America had been killed in the line of duty. Hulk decided to join him in his quest to defeat the Red Skull. After Iron Man made his intentions to disband the Avengers known, Hulk remarked that his decision was one of the reasons why he did not like people.

Black Widow Edit

Iron Man met Black Widow during their time as Avengers. After disbanding the team, Iron Man sent her the Avengers Protocol. Black Widow initially responded to it and kept a distance from Iron Man and the others, wanting to make sure that he needed her. Following her assistance in helping him and the other Avengers fight off HYDRA agents, she asked Iron Man if it was true that Captain America had died. Iron Man confirmed that he had and she soon told him that leading the team would be something he would need to do if he wanted to make sure that the Avengers did not lose any more members.[5]

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