Black Widow
Black Widow
Vital statistics
Real name Natasha Romanoff
Species Human
First appearance The Avengers Protocol: Part 1
Voiced by Laura Bailey

Black Widow is a superhero and a member of the Avengers.


At a notgiven point in time, Black Widow joined the Avengers. Following the seeming death of Captain America, she and other former Avengers were sent a automated message by Iron Man, whom had bore witness to their comrade's death and was seeking aid in getting back at Red Skull. Unlike the others however, Black Widow did not make her presence known to Iron Man immediately, I stead viewing him and the others from a distance as they launched off in the Quinjet. She followed the team in her own jet, soon having to exit when they underwent difficulty facing Red Skull's henchmen. Before exiting her transportation, she remarked the Avenger's current fighting to be typical and expressed distaste in seeing Iron Man in charge.

After Iron Man came under trouble by M.O.D.O.K., whom used his powers to control and cause pain to Iron Man while in his armor, Black Widow deployed a few of her own weapons and saved Iron Man. When the latter asked if it was her being fashionably late, she told him that it was and that she just wanted to make sure that he needed her before she accepted his invitation to rejoin the group, soon remarking that of course he did and that it was of no surprise. After M.O.D.O.K. departed with his men, Black Widow asked the other Avengers if it was true that Captain America was deceased. Iron Man confirmed that he had, causing Black Widow to tell him that he better stop playing solo and actually lead the Avengers for once. Along with the others, she...



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Iron ManEdit

Black Widow views Iron Man as an incompetent and dimwitted leader, while Iron Man never really verbalized his own feelings about her. Following Iron Man's attempt to resurrect the Avengers after being disbanded, Black Widow responded and chose to not go with him and the initial group of members. After coming to aid him and the rest of the Avengers in their fight against Red Skull, Black Widow asked Iron Man if Captain America had really been killed.

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  • Currently, Black Widow is the team's only female member.
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